1959-63      Bachelor of Arts, Simmons College, Boston, MA
1964           Positano Summer Art Workshop, Positano, Italy
1964-65      Art Student's League, New York, NY
1965-66      Boston University, Graduate School of Fine Art, Boston, MA
1989-91      SUNY Purchase, NY 

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                   Joseph, Glenn Harcourt, Eleanor Heartney & Francis Naumann,"
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2017        Panel Discussion, The Artist, The Censor and The Nude, Anderson
                     Ranch Arts Center, Snowmass Village, CO
2016        Visiting Artist, Special Print Project, Twyla Edition
2015        Panel Participant, Side Show, Edgewood Gallery, Yale School
                     of Art, New Haven, CT
2009        Guest Juror with Robert Brinker, The Political Landscape,
               Anderson Ranch Arts Center, with radio interview by Mitzi Rapkin,
                      Public Radio KAJX, CO
2008        Visiting Artist, The Donkey Mill Art Center, Holualoa Foundation
                      for the Arts & Culture, Holualoa, HI
               Visiting Artist, Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Patton Print Shop,
                      Monothon, Snowmass Village, CO
2007       Guest Artist, Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Snowmass Village, CO
2006       Visiting Artist, Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Patton Print Shop,
                      Snowmass Village, CO
2004       Visiting Artist, American Academy in Rome, Rome, Italy
2003       Visiting Artist, American Academy in Rome, Rome, Italy
              Panel Participant, Comic Release: Negotiating Identity for a
                      New Generation exhibition, Contemporary Arts Center,
                      New Orleans, LA
2001      Visual Artist Fellowship Award, Colorado Council on the Arts, CO
1997      Honorable Mention, "The Brain and Self," Copenhagen and
                      Elsinore, Denmark, Juried by Cindi Laukes, The University
                      of Arizona, Extended University, (catalogue)
             Visiting Artist, Seneca Street Press, Hornell, NY
1996      Visiting Artist, Alfred University, Alfred, NY
             Guest Lecturer, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA
             Guest Lecturer, Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Snowmass Village, CO
             Guest Lecturer, The American Institute of Architects, The Aspen
                   Institute, Aspen, CO
1993-95 International Advisory Board, International Design Conference,
                   Aspen, CO
1985      State of the Crafts, The Best in New York State, NY
             Art in Architecture Symposium Panelist, Vassar College,
                   Poughkeepsie, NY
1982      Symposium on Conversation of Outdoor Sculpture, Panelist,
                   International Sculpture Center
1980      F. Lammot Belin Arts Scholarship, Waverly, PA
1976      Scranton Times Newsmaker of the Year in Literature and Art,
                   Scranton, PA
             International Year of the Woman's Arts Slide Exhibition, Ford
                   Foundation Grant
1968-71 One of the organizers and teachers of the Art League of Northern
                   Virginia, Alexandra, VA

Colorado University Art Museum, Boulder, CO
The American Academy, Rome, Italy
The University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
The Mercer Hotel, New York, NY
Simmons College, Boston, MA
The National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China
School of Art and Design at Alfred University, Alfred, NY
Henry Schein, Inc., Melville, NY
The University of Arizona, Extended University, Tucson, AZ
The Center for Financial Studies, Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT
Keystone Jr. College, La Plume, PA

2008        Mezcal label for Sombra, Betts & Scholl Wines
1995        Curator, Martin Kryska Memorial Exhibition, Dartmouth College,
                     Hanover, NH
1994-93   Curator and Commision Work, Henry Schein, Inc., International
                     Headquarters, New York, NY
1989-88   Danbury Pharmaceutical, Carmel, NY
1987        Zahn Dental Laboratories, Taunton, MA
1986        Diamond K., Inc., Clarks Summit, PA
               M.M. Parker, Inc., Townsend, VT
1985        Allied Services for the Handicapped, Scranton, PA
1984        Elevator Lobby of Federal Courthouse, Art in Architecture
                    Program, GSA, San Jose, CA
1982        Baptist Church, Croton Falls, NY
1976        Embassy of the Hungarian People's Republic, Washington, DC
                    Piccoli Playground, Percent for Art Program, Philadelphia, PA







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