Calendar Girls, 1996-1997.
"Through the 70's and 80's I created abstract geometric pieces in airbrushed lacquers and urethanes on aluminum, techniques better found in auto-body repair shops than in artists' studios...continues...

Oils and heat transfer on paper
44 x 35 in.

...I found myself constantly working in an environment removed from other women, surrounded by the female stereotypes that used to be so common on repair shop walls. Re-examining my changing roles as a woman and as an artist through this period lead to my Calendar Girls series last year. The Calendar Girls are a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic "pin-up" image, replete with traces of today's violent and sex-oriented visual landscape. Painted in oils on full-size police shooting targets, the Girls were laminated and hung off the wall by .45 caliber bullets and grommets, then reproduced as actual 1998 calendars that sold for $19.98."

Pamela Joseph, 1997.