August, 2017

My paintings and sculptures explore such social issues as the power of women and the pressures that society puts on them, the element of fate and chance in our lives, the violence behind facades and the fragility of the world. These works encompasses a wide variety of sources and information. I juxtapose images from pop culture, art history, scenic postcards, erotic comics, and current news clips. I approach these serious themes with a sense of humor to create a visual tension of opposing realities.

My current work, Nevertheless, she persisted, are painting constructions that continue to explore socio-political issues and use of a wide variety of materials and media. The concerns are the dangers threatening our world and use animals and celestial skies as metaphors to enact the dramas. This is a world turned upside down, rendered with a sense of humor and feminist critique. This new work will be exhibited at the Harvey/Meadows Gallery in Aspen, CO in August 2017.

A recent series Censored (2012-2015) was based on art books from Iran where any nudity by artists like Picasso, Matisse and Duchamp has been covered with black lines or pixilated so that the painting or sculpture has been obscured. Other paintings in the series comment on IKEA's catalogues in Saudi Arabia and Russia where the women have simply been removed. Doppelhouse Press is publishing a book on this work, The Artist, The Censor and The Nude, A Tale of Morality and Appropriation in August 2017. Francis M. Naumann has written the Foreword and art historian Glenn Harcourt has written an essay on my work with an accompanying section discussing Contemporary Iranian artists. There will be a panel discussion at Anderson Ranch in Snowmass, CO in August with Joseph, Harcourt and Naumann and moderated by Eleanor Heartney.

My interactive installation, The Sideshow of the Absurd has traveled to over ten museums and venues around the country. The exhibit references the world of circuses and carnivals to challenge our notions of difference and tolerance. A short film on the Sideshow of the Absurd premiered at the Aspen Film Festival in 2015 and was shown at film festivals worldwide. The film was awarded Best Short at the Williamsburg Indie Film Festival, The Gold Award at the Atlanta Shortsfest and Best Animated Short at the Santa Fe Film Festival.

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