January, 2020

My work is concerned with feminist critique and socio-political issues.  This is a world upside down, but rendered with a sense of humor and optimism.  Throughout my career I have explored these conceits in drawings, paintings and sculptures and in the hybrids created by their overlapping techniques.

Currently I am working on creations that are headdresses/masks, inspired by strong women personalities.  The constructions are composed of a variety of symbolic images including flowers, birds, and architectural elements.  The paintings consist of Plexiglass layered with acrylics and mixed media transfers that incorporate my drawings.

This Headdress series is a reaction to a previous group of 35 portraits where I painted bondage masks onto photographs of Trump and his cohorts.  The faces are covered with restraining devices similar to the ones used on women to silence them, often called Scold's Bridles.  The Goddess headdresses are a positive catharsis to this negative investigation.